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She Shed Home Decor

Large 30" Fabric Mesh Wreaths

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This beautiful wreath was a custom order for a customer. She had definite ideas of what she wanted:  a 30" wreath that was  bright and cheery with chevron ribbon, sunflowers and bumblebees.  She was very happy with the final product, and I have decided to offer it for sale.  The wreath is adorned with 7-6" sunflowers, lots of  ribbon, a large triple bow at the top of the wreath and a base of white and black/white checked fabric mesh.  There are 2 hand glittered bumblebees measuring 4" and are complete with black and yellow spiral antennae. The wreath measures 6-7" depth.

This wreath looks beautiful on an outer door, but needs to be protected from the weather as the bumblebees are wooden and will not stand up to the rain. 

Each wreath is made to order and may differ slightly from the original wreath photo.

Photos of the 2 bumblebees are included.