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She Shed Home Decor


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New to the store is this beautiful 10.5" x 10.5" checkerboard inside a 12x15" wooden frame.  The checkerboard itself is made of a metal printed with a black and white checkerboard and then laminated to smooth the edges and helping it to last for years.  The  checkerboard is then glued inside the wooden frame leaving 1.5" of wood at each end to place the playing pieces. 

Each checkers set comes with a board and 2 sets of 12 playing pieces, with your choice of pattern. There are 22 patterns to choose from with no additional charges.  To get the playing pieces INCLUDED AT NO CHARGE, ater choosing the checkerboard here and adding to cart, go to "CHECKERS 12 PIECE SETS"also found in the Gifts Collection, and you can then choose whichever 2 sets of checkers you want and add to cart and there will be no additional charge.  If you want more than 2 sets you can buy additional ones for $7.50 a set.  Help the kids to learn to love playing checkers with their personal set of playing pieces.