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Bottle Bouquet Holders

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How about something that is new and unique?  These lovely little faux flower arrangements,  that hang on the side of a bottle, are cleverly called Bottle Bouquet Holders.  Made of a hard plastic, the holder is a ring that fits over a bottle, such as one's favorite wine, and has a cup to make a mini-bouquet, forming the perfect union for a wonderful gift. 

Great for Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Housewarming gifts, the list of uses are endless.  They come in a variety of colors and styles of faux flowers, with each bouquet being unique and one of a kind.  Some have foam hearts that may be removed if desired. The ring, which is split,  will fit over most large size bottles, which have the weight to support the flower bouquet.  They measure an average of 10" tall by 10" wide.  The ring holding the bouquet can be placed near the top of the bottle if it is a hanging arrangement, or towards the bottom of the bottle for taller bouquets.  

These bouquet holders are new and would be a surprise to whoever receives it.  The bouquets pictured with the wine bottle are for staging purposes only, and the BOTTLE IS NOT INCLUDED. It can be used with the beverage of your choice, as the perfect gift with the Bottle Bouquet.