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House Portraits

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Many people ask “what is a house portrait”. Our house portraits are images of houses or other buildings which look much like a painting. They are  more artistic than a regular photograph.
Please look around. I hope you like what we do,
if so you might consider getting one.

The Process

After uploading the digital photograph to the computer,  we make several changes to the image. We correct the density, color, contrast and noise and  changes may be made to the sky, foreground or other areas. Once these corrections are made, the painting effect is applied. This may involve several steps to reach the finale result. The image is then sized correctly and examined before being signed and printed on professional archival paper which resists fading for up to 200 years.

The 2 View Selection  can be different angles of the same building,  different times of day of the same building, or 2 completely unrelated scenes.


1. Take a digital photo of the building. A good cellphone image is okay

2. Email the image to “”, after which we will contact you

3. Include name, address, phone number and indicate which version you want: PORTRAIT, PORTRAIT WITH TITLE, or PORTRAIT 2 VIEW

4. Phone number is important in case I have any  questions.  And PLEASE check TITLE spelling. 

5 Please follow the photo tips



1. Set camera to it’s highest quality setting

2, Keep the sun at your back or side

3. Remove obstructions such as cars, trash cans etc

4. Hold camera level and steady

5. Leave a little room at each end of house