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Checkers 12 Piece Sets

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What fun to play checkers with your personal set of checker pieces. Coming in 22 different patterns that children love, there is one that they will want to keep especially for their own. When playing checkers with these you can place them on their side to stand upright when the piece is kinged.  They then return back across the board upright, adding to the fun!

When purchased as part of the checkerboard set in this store, there is no charge for 2 sets of checkers pieces, your choice of patterns.  To purchase go to "Checkerboard and Checkers Collection" in the Shop Now drop down menu.  Under Checkerboard Sets add the board to your cart.  You can then proceed back to here to pick out 2 twelve piece sets of checkers for the set.  If you would like more, you can choose as many sets as needed for only $5.00 per set.  Pick out your child's favorite toy, animal or whimsical character for their very own private set of playing pieces. You can choose DIFFERENT PIECES for the game.

With the exception of the frog, the pieces come in assorted colors in each set.  The frog has all pieces the same. They measure about 1" in size, SO USE CAUTION WITH SMALL CHILDREN AS THERE IS A CHOKING HAZARD DUE TO SMALL PIECES. Get one for each child in the family!  They come in a plastic container to protect them from damage and loss.